Fragments of Us


To all my old lovers

I dream of you
I think of you
I drink you in
Til poison burns my skin
I think of you at night
When I’m most lonely filled with fright
To my delight
I can block you out
Until I no longer think of you
And all the heartless things you’d do
How can it be
That all my old lovers
I think of you often
When I should not
Because I know in my heart
It was not my fault
But I blame myself anyway
I see fragments of us…

The Butterfly Flutters


The butterfly flutters
The confused spouse stutters
The airplane roars
As hearts soar
Families say grace
Lovers embrace
Dancers light on their feet
Warm and cold fronts meet
Streets completely flood
As my shoes get stuck in the mud
Chefs bake delicious dinner
Contests pick a winner
Doves are released
Enemies try and make peace
Owls guard the night
Waves and sand unite
Students find success
A teary-eyed girlfriend says YES!
A bird feeds her young
Melodies are quietly sung
People run races through the grass
While some just sit and let life pass
Streetlights go out
Lovers embrace
Two car engines ready for the thrill of the chase