Sleep seems inconceivable
But I must sleep
Sensations heartlessly pounding at my brain
All fives sense slammed by this coming hug

His smell
His touch
That’s my preparation for sensation
My own interpretation

Struggles to sleep
Odd sensation of the wanting of what you simply cannot having
Grasping for food, sleep, love, survival
The ability to exist
And be happy in your mere existence
So tiny yet so remarkable you are
Millions of individuals
Feel sensation
An algorithm should be created to
Amass all the sensation.
How can actually I express all the sensations I feel with words?
Language is so unbelievably inadequate.

Touch of hot or cold
Shockwaves sent from my hand to my brain
Touch of love
A simple hug is much more complicated when I feel love
It came, as if from a dream…
Butterflies flutter tumultuously in my stomach
Burning urges cause flames
Flames of passion
Sometimes the embers die
The love, tainted or gone
And the charred remains of
My body remain
But the memory of that sensation
That hug…

Seeing that charming painting
Wearing that warm, comfortable dress
Smelling that delicious coffee
Hearing the birds way off in the distant
Tasting that chocolate cake

At first light


I saw your eyes
When you awoke from our night
Usually you are up first
I found you asleep
I stay still
Until you eyelashes flutter
And your eyes open
They smile
And we collapse
Our joy visible
At first light

I can’t say goodbye


I don’t know if we should be together
As hard as I try
As many times as I’ve done it
I can’t say goodbye
You mean too much to me
To disappear from my life
Truly I hoped I’d one day be your wife
We come to an impasse
Sometimes at night
But despite all the trouble
We get through a difficult fight
If even in the morning
I wake up distressed
Your good morning message
Leaves my mind beyond impressed
Who could have ever guessed
A little thing that you do
Like telling me to make sure I eat
Would make me fall for you?
You told me of road trips, and hiking
All the fun things we could do
Although sometimes I fight it
Although it feels like maybe it’s not right
To my delight
You don’t give up on us
So I won’t even try
Because the way my heart longs for each breath
Each moment
I can’t say goodbye to you



simply soaking it all in
slowly sensing much
timidly tension builds
begging only for your touch
dancing divinly unaware
that all the things you two may share
must come to a bitter end
you’ve known it all along my friend
that between the love that runs through your veins
is something else constricts, constrains
sometimes you jump and assume you’ll be caught
when it isn’t at all like that, is it not?

Introspectively Together, Resting


I try to flirt and not be too overt
So you say to me
It’s okay baby, I’m just resting
We lay in different beds
In different rooms
In different towns
In different states
But under the same sky
Under the same stars
Under the same God
You tell me little,
You’re reserved that way
But your few words speak volumes
I chatter endlessly
I ask questions
I go on and on
You respond kindly, wisely
I drift off, so sleepy
You drift off, tired from work
We drift to dreamland
Although far apart
Our bodies
Our minds are
Together, Resting

Frenzy of Emotions


Love. It is a grand concept only, until we fall. You think about all these spectacular scenarios and kisses in the moonlight, because the imagination wants a grandiose, over the top euphoria. You think about sharing an intimate dinner and sharing a warm blanket during a movie. Perhaps it would be appropriate to define love at this point. But how does one explain that feeling where a switch is flipped for some, for some it is gradual, and others instant and still others some other version. That’s getting there, that’s not love. I think love is feeling like you’ve found someone you can no longer endure life without. You need their voice, their touch, and hopefully to be loved by them. Love is having an atrocious day, but it is easier knowing you have someone who will listen. Love is being a bit mad but recognizing that now colors are more vivid, food taste better, and fabric is softer because love has heightened your senses. Once we fall, we realize our assumptions that were just created were wrong. We think we know what it will be like. That we’ll be happier than we’ve ever been. That we’ll smile when we hear their name. That just being near them will send us into a mind frenzy of emotions.