In my Dream


I woke up just now and I know it was true
I spent all night just dreaming of you
As the dream fairies lulled me to sleep
I saw your magical eyes and I was dreaming deep
In my dream we were really together
It was effortless, breathless, it felt like forever
We were eating a delicious dinner and the way you made me smile
I sure held your gaze for such a long while
We walked in downtown Chicago sharing secrets in our head
When I’d rather be passionately kissing you instead
We were a unit, two people happy in love
We were simple people sharing at the fluffy snow above
My dream was perfect because it felt so real
All the glory in the world I could feel
It felt so natural and unique
If only I could take a peak
Inside your brain so I could know
How confessing my love to you would actually go
At least as long as the lights gleam
I loved you and you loved me in my dream