Hurricane Brain


It hasn’t really been this bad
I’m beyond sad
I’m numb as they come
So many things going wrong
I’m trying to be strong
I got a message yesterday
That caused agony
My stomach is sick
The cause unknown
Trying to fix something I broke
Before it’s too late
Right now
It’s twirling
It’s swirling
It’s swelling
I can’t bare the pain
Of my
Hurricane Brain


No more delight in disorder


Chaotic cleaning
Mind is steaming
Mind is dreaming
Of literally anything else
Old Boxes and broken bags
Messed up Packages and discolored tags
Dust, garbage, and glitter
Everywhere the ground is littered
I must confess
It’s a terrible mess
But I mercilessly organize it all
So next winter it will work nothing slide and fall
No more delighting in disorder
Delight in decluttering