The boy is philosophy


Grinning from ear to ear
It’s just your voice I hear
I look at you and cannot cease
Your smile soft, full of peace
There is so much that I can’t say
Instead I stare at you kinda sideways
We always discuss things before class
My mind just shatters like glass cuz
I know unless I make a move
We will never have a chance
At some overrated not understood
Version of romance so
I smile back and hope that
You break your vow
Of silence and continue your advance towards me
I waiting now
You eyes they sparkle
Like frost and glitter
So I will write bad poetry
And fantasize about being carried in your arms
Until the 12th of December you have
When term ends
Good Luck

Magically Bluest and Truest Eyes


Soul stunning
Full of effervesce and mystery
Full of total and utter glee
Suddenly full of misery
Morphing when the time suits them
The biggest, bluest, lovliest
Are your eyes



Merely ghosts to each other for so long

Floating like concepts, clouds overhead

Despite how deep our connection is

We’ve yet to actually see the other

Attracted to the idea of you

Haunted by your voice

We’ve had deep conversations

But I still have a choice

You say you love me

If you do

Why can’t you meet me and I meet you?

I have to say goodbye because you say we cannot meet

My heart feels defeat

My head must pick up the pieces

That my heart destroyed

I wonder to you

Was I just a toy?

Was I just a play thing or were you for real

When you said love is what you feel?

What is your deal

What can’t we see

One another in reality

If we can’t I’ll walk away

And forever to me

A ghost you shall stay

Lasts and firsts: Cheers to the new year


Last cup of smooth coffee

Last stunning sunrise

Last calming shower

Last page of my book

Last embrace from my dad

Last football game

Last sip of hard cider

Can I stop the flow of time?

Everything is now so divine

But there are so many firsts waiting for me in 2018

First cup of coffee

First sip of champagne

First hug from my family

Maybe first and last first kiss

First snowfall

First call from my grandma

First time on the ice

First time at the library

Cheers to all the calm and frenzy in this year

And a toast to all the firsts

In the next year

To health, happiness, and bliss

To all the things I have and the things I miss

To another year of wonderful firsts

I send my love and wishes and more

Because there is so much wonder 2018 has in store

The Butterfly Flutters


The butterfly flutters
The confused spouse stutters
The airplane roars
As hearts soar
Families say grace
Lovers embrace
Dancers light on their feet
Warm and cold fronts meet
Streets completely flood
As my shoes get stuck in the mud
Chefs bake delicious dinner
Contests pick a winner
Doves are released
Enemies try and make peace
Owls guard the night
Waves and sand unite
Students find success
A teary-eyed girlfriend says YES!
A bird feeds her young
Melodies are quietly sung
People run races through the grass
While some just sit and let life pass
Streetlights go out
Lovers embrace
Two car engines ready for the thrill of the chase

Character Flaw


The book I came across was a brilliant read. Cunning, deft motions and quick thinking equaled a very entertaining read. I need though, to give credit where credit is due and the detective Poriot was NOT my first or last choice for a hero. I believe that the character of H. Poirot is exaggerated deeply in this novel. From the beginning he was a modest man, who really was not so modest. Yes, he took on a bizarre murder case, but if he had said he would be the body guard none of this would have happened. If from the start he took the interest in this man, there is a good chance he would have lived. It is that simple phrase of too little, too late. A clear example is a man who wrongs you in love, and then tries to fix things when it’s obviously too late. If he really wanted you, he would not have taken the cowards’ way out and behaved in such a manner. Now, there is no way to forgive him. Poriot shows all the signs of character breakdown in terms of personality and that helps everything to go down hill in my eyes.

Poriot’s a pure idiot to me and he demonstrates that by being just this smug man, acting like the entire case is all him and no one else. Book-smarts only account for half of the human picture. The other half account for the color of your character, what kind of a person you are. That I am sorry to say is the more important part and furthermore that which our detective is missing. Poirot is a huge show off; I don’t think that he is a noble man, I know he lacks that. If he didn’t have an entire train of people to impress, then he would have walked away from the case entirely. He loves the thrill of the case and an audience, as he foolishly lets the crowd know in various meeting that they are suspects and reads the evidence. “We are here to investigate the death of Samuel Edward Ratchet… There are two possible solutions to this crime. I shall put them both before you…” (Christie 304). Sure, he soon closes the case and finds the killer, but really the other character like Mrs. Hubbard, the description of scenery, are what make the book a masterpiece not some flashy detective .

Not turning a deceased man (no matter who or how bad he was) into an extravagant game of who done it. He gets no dignity, just a show and the negatives of the dead man’s past are thrown around. Furthermore, Poirot is demanding … “I’m sorry Miss but this urgent matter can’t wait” (Christie 183) His demeanor while it gets the job done it is incredibly odd. Finally, I simply loathe this detective for who he is not a man of honor and persona. He is not brilliant, He’s a plain man and to be frank to be plain, I never like the stuck up types anyway. Poirot is pretending to be someone he is not which is an upstanding, caring man. Unfortunately, I’ve been encountering many Poriot-esque men in my life – transparent, arrogant, impossible to please, and PRETENDING TO BE SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT! In my eyes that is the worse kind of character flaw to exhibit, even if you’re an accomplished detective. That is no excuse for behaving in a foolish manner! Poriot is a fake, I hope I’ve exposed him for who he really is – a miserable wrench.

A Senseless Act (Murder on the Orient Express)


This is a story of the highest caliber, guaranteed to impress
The story tracking the train and the Murder
Upon the Orient Express
A train on a path, with the storm coming!
One of a blizzard and an unspeakable act
Simple conversation made with simple people
Then a criminal case that is right up a detective’s stipule occurs
The man probably never thought
The train mood would soon become distraught

We meet our detective Poirot right away
The man that would soon sway history
By embarking on and solving this murder mystery
A man with two identities who’s always up to no good
Bribes Poirot with if he could be his body guard
Poirot says no modestly, declining a large sum of money
Rachett is disappointed and the in this blight
Is murdered in cold blood at odd hours of the night

Instantly this French man is the chosen one to discover
What clues and what suspects to uncover
Is it the Valet or the Russian or the Swede?
Who has stabbed that man, who has done this horrible deed?
He or she could not have flee, the blizzard struck very suddenly
Making everyone on board a possibility
The Count and the Countess and there were plenty more too,
But what more could Poirot do
Until he could pinpoint and combine every single clue
Into viable theory as to who killed Rachett.

He carries on interviews with everyone aboard
All the Woman and Men tell their tale
Some honest, some considerably pale
Some stay sincere, while others just deny
Then it comes to two solutions to the quest
Seeing if Poirot can live up to this test
She confessed to the crime with evidence building
Punishment for the past, throwing the Countess over the edge
And straight to the ledge of Casteii or Rachett

And stabbed and stabbed with the knife found
In Mrs. Hubbard’s things
In a rage never to be seen
Who would have thought in their wildest dream?
That the crime was perpetrated by whom?
A woman mad with revenge and sorrow
Everything leading up to this moment
Now there is one thing left to do when you read
Look at the clues and try to solve it like our hero would
At all the wrong persons but eventually the detective figures out who
And so do you!