I’d jump in with you


I’m deadly scared of the water
The water so deceptively blue
I’m scared of hitting rock bottom
The water so violent, waves crashing,
I don’t know what to do
I’m scared of drowning in it’s depth
But every time we talk
I can’t help but smile
As I imagine our long walk
We once talked of going swimming
You promised you’d protect me
That you were a swimmer in school
I want to enjoy the feeling of the water on my skin
I want to watch the tide coming in
So while
I may be afraid of the water
That much is true
But as long as you’d be next time to me
I’m jump in with you

Naked trees embrace the shiver


Naked trees stand and slightly then aggressively shiver

Bare branches despair and shake in the unforgiving winds

Nature is not embarrassed

Nature embraces the shiver up its spine

The sun gazes at the world as I walk through it

I carefully follow the path

Across the neighborhood

Short but sweet my travels

As the snow melts away

Bringing with it a new day

I wonder about how close spring is

As I smell the ground warming up and witness

The tiny birds emerging

Nature’s sign of the times

She is wildfires


Once upon a time there was a young women.
She was in college, she was in confusion.

She was… chaos.
She was… crashing waves.
Couldn’t be saved so
She saved herself.
With some help
Now she’s beautiful, remarkable chaos.
Pounding rain
Now she’s the embodiment
Of having love on the brain.
She is old, creased pages
She is organization
She is triumphant celebration
She is thunder,
She is clarity,
She is wildfires.
And once she spreads
You will never get her image, her life, her joy
Out of your spinning head.

Picture Perfect Days


for me the picture perfect days
are in a cabin in the snowy woods
the only house for acres
a glance at the lake, hot chocolate
a stroll through the brush
a warm cabin
with all the comforts of home
gentle music and board games
making snowangels
staring into the night sky
realizing you’ve escaped the rountine!

The Rush


I loved that day
That particular moment
Ponytail blowing in the wind
The sun warming my skin
Shorts and my favorite aqua shirt
And your giggling and screaming
Your begging to slow down
But I just speed up, legs feeling so free
In the woods, fresh air through my lungs
Running so fast
I washed it out
Because you said it was to dirty
So I used the hose
To wash the dirt and grim
I dried it
And you jumped in
I took you for a spin
Around grandma’s house
All I recall
Is the smile on your face
Us bonding as twins
And above all
I remember
The Rush

Colorless Ideas Dream Furiously


Colorless ideas dream furiously
Minds collide, rendering me senseless
Hope is a fleeting feeling
My stumbling heart
Sends my reeling
Fracturing my senses
Shattered me
Gushing blood streams
Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Vision
Seem quite impossible since that collision
Colorless ideas dream furiously
Minds collide

I open my eyes
Only to be engulfed
But something in the distance
Hope or Despair
I don’t care
No more being numb
I just want any feeling
Because I’d rather feel pain
Then nothing at all
Colorful ideas dream happily
Minds collide, rendering me wide awake

Turn off the sun…


I want to turn off the sun and get swallowed up by darkness

Because every end has a new beginning

Because once I plunge to the abyss

I will rise like the Phoenix

Rare but not impossible

I know I’m ready

To be renewed into the best version of myself

When I’m really upset and all hope seems lost

When I’m too numb to cry any tears as I shake

I pretend that I can do this

That I can

Turn off the sun and get swallowed up by darkness

Introspectively Together, Resting


I try to flirt and not be too overt
So you say to me
It’s okay baby, I’m just resting
We lay in different beds
In different rooms
In different towns
In different states
But under the same sky
Under the same stars
Under the same God
You tell me little,
You’re reserved that way
But your few words speak volumes
I chatter endlessly
I ask questions
I go on and on
You respond kindly, wisely
I drift off, so sleepy
You drift off, tired from work
We drift to dreamland
Although far apart
Our bodies
Our minds are
Together, Resting