Are those three words enough? Journey back to high school days…


when I came upon this question
rather haphazardly
when we spoke
words failed me
the emotions
he evoked
within my spine
ignited my bones
and I realized
it’s more than a crush
I think about you
when I brush my hair
when I hear music
when I adjust my marching uniform
when I cry
i wish you were there
someone who’s shoulder I
could hold onto and cry
you wouldn’t mind
I know you wouldn’t
but how do you tell
that you have feelings
strong ones
possibly love
but those three words
are not enough

how do you do it?
how can I?
when words fail me
when we coexist in the same space
I can’t hide my smile
perhaps we will collide
but perhaps
i’ll never know
what he actually thought of me
if anything reminded him of me
or worse
if he ever thought about me at all…