Murder, Motive, and Much More


This novel can do nothing short of impress
Of the encounters of the Orient Express
It started as a ride
Through the fields and country side
Evolving through in a blizzard blight
And a cold blood murder in the middle of the night
I am compelled to tell you
The suspense is immense
Many suspected of being the killer
As you follow Poriot’s trail
A fun frustration putting clues in place

The characters jump up of the book
Would you like to take a better look?
Read it understand why
I love this novel!
So well-developed meticulously too
Makes you engaged in a world
Of who is truly who
Who tells the truth of what they know,
And who is lying amidst the snow?
Detectives, princess, pretenders, galore
These characters will make you do everything but snore
The careful descriptions in your mind
Clues the author left behind

Perhaps most of all
Is the evidence
And your wild ride
Take aside and say,
What is the theme anyway?
You see social classes, you see them
You do.
You visualize in your mind’s eye
Betrayal, loyalty, and revenge too.
The book should be placed on the highest shelf,
You should grab it, go grab it
And read it for yourself.
Read about suspense,
Characters and a well- embedded,
Your thoughts will flow
Like a stream through you.
Of whom the killer ends up being!
All will clear that fog you’re seeing.
It is really worth it to read
A book with a learning seed
That grows and grows
And where it stops no one knows.

I want to take it


I want to take it

Away from your hand

That power only you have over me

It’s one I can’t stand

I want to take it

And twist it and turn it

Take it deep in the woods and burn it

I want to stop feeding your powers

With a beaming smile and joking conversation

I want to take away your smile’s sensation

I think I’ll bend it

Reverse it to you

So that way you’ll feel it

You’ll love me

The way I love you

I mean,

If it can’t be destroyed

I wish it changes its spell

The powers of heaven and hell

Clash before my eyes

My only prize

Is knowing I’ll see you again

But this is a double ended sword

The other end is your powers

Your purple pixie dust

That activates when our eyes meet

It’s the best pleasure in my life

And the worst torment at the same time

A paradox – that’s your true power

You have my in rapture one moment

Then captured by tears the next

Unable to breath, swallow, or move.

I want to take it, shatter and break it

There. Now it is done.

Now, It commands me no more.