My Prayer


After the dust settles
After I have mettled
In things I shouldn’t have
For all the things I didn’t do
And all the things left unsaid
Or worse all the things I shouldn’t have said
Let there be
The only thing that is left
To repair my heart
To repair the human race
To repair all that is broken
And protect what is not
To ask God for mercy
To ask for an easier life
Or the will to survive this difficult one
Please God
I pace
And then
All that’s left


A prayer


I pray for all the hurricanes

To go away

I pray for the terror

The terrorism to stop

I cannot imagine being there

I cannot imagine it hitting my home

On this level of pain and complete agony

It’s hit Texas, Florida, and London this morning

Violence, Natural Disasters, and many other things

Overwhelm our very beings

I say a prayer

Dear God,

Please help us through these very troubling times

Please deliver us from the great evil

We will unite

To combat this fight

Humanity will triumph

Rough Seas


Eyes burning like a thousand suns

I hang my head low, in despair

And grasp my hands so tightly in prayer


Please, it’s getting so hard to breath

I know it will be better

But right now it’s not

Cold, burning tears

They feel cold and wet

Suddenly they burn and my face too

I want to find a way to not live this way

Eyes stinging

I type, I think, I sip coffee

There is hope at the end of this endless tunnel

I’m digging my way out of

It keeps collapsing and my progress is stopped

Eye wide open

I keep digging

Thinking about happier times

Trying not to get more sad, more upset

Trying not to get lost in my darkness

Cold, burning tears

I dig my way out

No looking back

Time will heal

For now, I must go on with my day

The sadness writhes inside

I must hope better days are soon