It is quiet now


No more arguments about when to buy bread

That wake me from my dreams

No more lost glasses

No more searching for phone numbers

No more complaints

No more asking to do this and that

I can’t think straight when everyone is asking things at once

As the breeze of the air conditioning hits my  bare shoulders

I realize that there’s no more noise

No more sound

No more fury, worry, and sadness

It’s quiet now


Sitting under the Christmas fireplace


It was when we all sat down to take a break

from cleaning and cooking

That we realized we weren’t spending time with each other

We sat quickly listening to the fireplace crackle

And then I looked at my mom and she smiled back

She forgave me for arguing earlier

I wanted to say something, but I sat quietly

We all did.

I thought about the Christmas mass

I thought about Wiligia,

I thought about my twin.

Then I wondered what everyone else could be pondering

In this Christmas moment of silence.

It had to come to an end as all good things do,

But I have it in my memory bank.

And it cannot be taken.



That man beyond the fence
What does he want?
I water
He waters haphazordly
I grunt
And he grunts
Shadows in the morning
I sing Queen…
I sing Taylor Swift…
I sing Safetysuit…
But that man beyond the fence
What does he sing?

He yells
He parks his fancy fancy Mercedes
Sometimes at night I come by the towering evergreen
And hum Imogen Heap and shiver and think
About floods and genocides
But that man beyond the fence
What does he think about?

It is me and the gentle wind
I am on the swing next to the fence
I feel despondent
Harsh voices in the house continue
I escaped here
I see through the fence.

Beyond the fence
A pair of cheerless eyes through the cracks
The man
We exist, backs to each
Dark of night swallows, submerges our pain
On either side
Just beyond the fence…