Under this Great Divide


Drifting away
Nowhere to stay
All it does is rain
But I cannot complain
Under the tree
Just you and me
Watching the trees sway
To and fro
Listening to the whistling wind blow
My head meets your shoulder
Our lives collide
Under this great divide
And I saw sparks


Standing in the Rain


Standing in the rain
So refreshing for the brain
The thrill of a flash flood
Right in front of my eyes
The cold, harsh drops are my demise
Yet still i stand and watch it go
Watch the clouds, dark and foreboding
Watch it go
In sequence and motion
Although i had a notion
The rain would be refreshing
I am numb
Thinking of the people i wouldn’t see
And the person I’ve become
Thinking I need more rain
More blurs of vision
More spattering harsh liquid on my face
More cold, more numb
Standing the rain
I begin to head home
The rain picks up suddenly
And I race for warmth
Standing in the rain



The alarming flash from the glass of the church
I leap slightly in my pew
That awful flash again
I try not to jump
I really do
The relentless rains
They are pounding in my brain
I was never scared before
So I try to ignore
But it keeps on storming even more
As I lay my head to sleep
The last thing I recall
Is the pounding of the rain
That nothing could stall



When I awoke I heard the sound

Soothing rap hit the ground

Hit the window and leave a stain

It will wash away, the power of rain