The clouds stole the sun


I’m feeling sick. But this nothing new. Over 12 years I’ve been this way. There are good days and bad days great days and horrible ones. I fight for the right to being okay each day but today is a horrible one. I’m dizzy and drowsy although I slept enough. I cannot stand without wobbling so I finally stop pitying myself and clean up the blankets and pillows. I go outside where my dad is swimming his cares away. I dip my feet in unsure if being in the water will help or hurt me more. Suddenly my dad says something that inspires me. “The clouds stole the sun from me” he said with fury and disdain. I love the concept of the clouds having the ability to steal. By personifying them he made them special and real. As he jokingly splashes my legs with water I start to feel better. I decide today was ok. It has to be understood that when bad or horrible days do come you can lay back with your dad and watch the clouds steal the sun.