Define Happy (A throwback from when I was 18)


Currently my life consists of many various ingredients that go into the cake that is Maria Pondo. One starts with an 18th year old girl. Then you add the spices like Polish 100% and Roman Catholic by her own choosing. Being single tops the list of things that are me. Well you factor in my upbringing and environment and you get this – me! You envision a girl who worships every Sunday, is generally concerned with the world as a whole. She loves her heritage and finds it is a part of her heart. Being single is something I have just come to accept. Some things haven’t worked out in the past, but I can’t love someone who will hurt me, and I have been hurt so much, I don’t expect it to happen to me; for someone to come into my life because they care. My standing on marriage is this. It is that both people play an equal role. Respect, honesty, honor, love, and genuine care are merely the basic building blocks of a healthy marriage. Trust is a huge factor. Respecting a woman’s body and wishes in terms of a career. If she wishes to be a housewife, and then by all means be the best you can be. However, if she wishes upon a career and a man denies her this, he is doing both parties a disservice by acting selfishly. Agreeing upon the raising of children is extremely important. The final block of it is a multilayered balance of time between various activities and with the ones you love. Maybe you don’t want to compromise, but let me ask you something. When you get that promotion and your life is thus propelling forward that’s nice, but doe it means anything if you’re alone?

With marriage I believe that the male cannot be dominant as my current life status believes, and that the mother cannot forego her power as a mother. Also, they need to understand what’s best for their partner, not just themselves. To reiterate the point of allowing the mother to choose her career or work out a compromise not just the male. Nothing should be forced. You should act together flawlessly as one. Granted there with be problems as no one is perfect, you by having a solid base of honesty, honor, trust, and respect and work on it when times get tough. Without that base, you need to understand that abuse, infidelity, or separation may follow. I am a strong woman would will not subordinate to commands. I was taught to not be “high maintenance”, but I don’t think some chivalry is so hard to ask for.

The two view points are as different as the sun and the moon. One is the current life that I have on this Earth. One of suffering, but happiness too like life should be. One that makes me feel complete to do hard work, but to find wiggle room to mingle and have fun in a safe environment. I realize from this that I would never change anything about myself, not even my illness. I’m ten times stronger as a result. I will love, live, and do it all. I could potentially live to see all my dreams come true. I understand now how much of a different life I could have by playing with many attributes that make me who I am. Do you know what? Dreams are wonders, and they never retire. I can have a stable marriage with a man who loves me for who I am. He will respect me. I would not marry someone if they weren’t the one. So, fulfilling your hopes and dreams is the way to be. I will care about myself and that very special someone. Together we will bond and form a structured lifestyle without commands and without skeletons in the closet. It is what I choose. My current life would be cold and empty any other way.


An Essay I wrote at 17 about a president I admire (throwback)


I thought in today’s troubling times I would share this essay of hope. Please enjoy and share your favorite president in the comments.

  A Dance with Catherine: The Many Faces of John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy came into his presidency looking as a fresh, new face in the American government. In fact, the American public was immediately taken by the bright, upbeat image he exuded. The people as well as the government slowly grew in majority to believe that Kennedy could handle anything, and as it turns out, it is almost certain that no one could have done a better job, or spoken to the people quite like Mr. Kennedy. The one thing that completely stunned the people was the influential, charismatic mannerisms that this president had. He was not only the youngest president ever, but one whose speeches are still quoted today. Being born into a wealthy, influential family he experienced extravagant living from the beginning. The other extravagant, personal characteristic about him that one notices right away is his amazing courage.

In many ways, Kennedy had an unfinished life, only living from 1927 to 1963 (Dallek). He was assassinated before he could properly deal with the Vietnam War. Many believe that there was a plot against his life and that is unfortunate for he could have accomplished so many more things. Sometimes what made the state senator turned president’s life more extravagant was the simplicity in which he executed his speech. “This is a great country. But I think it can be greater. I think we can do better.  I think we can make this country move again.” (Rubin) More so, Kennedy not only gave moving speeches but a whole lot more care was put into each and every word like an artist with an unfinished piece of art. “Kennedy actually stirred people into action.” (Rubin)

However, the speeches he gave while alive were enough from moving us to tears, to changing our entire spectrum of thinking. John F. Kennedy is best perhaps remembered for his inaugural speech, in which he states, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” (Clarke) There is another quote that proves that not even the president believes completely in our justice system, and that is an extraordinary thing for him to admit. “Law alone cannot make men see right.” (Rubin)

When medical problems put a damper on the president’s life he had this to say, “No this is my time. My time is now.” (Dallek) He was suddenly ill, and some doctors even speculated him to be in a wheel chair for a while. However, the strong-willed president just kept upon the path he was. Despite being so rich and having such luxuries, he managed to keep a straight head and relate to the American public. This situation of illness proved that the president was willing to pull himself forward and lead the nation until his untimely death in 1963 in Texas. His death left a permanent scar of questions that will never be answered.

Perhaps the most extravagant thing in Kennedy’s life was his role in the Vietnam War. It was clear he wanted us to get out of it, but because of assassination that would never be so. He expressed concerns that Vietnam would join the already growing curtain of red, in other words communism. Although Kennedy was not a coward, he felt dignified with losing this war. “Did not necessitate a victory”, he was clear as a bell in his thinking that Vietnam cannot fall, but he also believed that we, as a people needed to realize that we should pull out of Vietnam. The amount of money and lost lives that had been spent was unacceptable to him and the American people. He acknowledged that as another excellent reason to pull out of Vietnam, for if the plans were not following through then, the cost was not worth the loss of money and life.

The attention-grabbing concept about the crisis with Russia, Cuba, and Vietnam, was not only his different responses to each, but how his children were all shown with him, a bonding that would not last. His daughter, Catherine, is shown dancing with him in a well-known book, and it shows the sensitive caring side of the president. (Kennedy had to deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis which involved Russia (Perret). Any other president would have his children away and protected while he worked under these extremely stressful conditions. He worked in these top secret meetings, but in between them would always have time for a dance with Catherine. Many look at this as inappropriate. However, Kennedy did not care and for that he should be applauded, for as extravagant as he was as a president, he was twice as amazing a dad. When he passed away, America’s heart broke right with Catherine.

As a result, Kennedy was seen as an extravagant person as a politician and father. He was incredible during his inaugural speech that that set him off in the right direction. His dealings with the Cuban Missile Crisis and ultimately Vietnam showed his character as not only a president but a person. It is so difficult to imagine that such an amazing human being could be assassinated and more so that America could continue fighting in a war it was not meant to win. So here is a final quote from Kennedy’s first speech as president. They are powerful words, but universal as well, and prove as to the color of his character. “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” (Safire)

I must have called a thousand times… At the theater: A movie goers nightmare 


I excitedly went to see The Revenant, but was so bothered by the man next to me who was on his phone the entire time. The blue flash of light irratied me to no end. I was fuming and unsure how to proceed. I managed to fall in love with this film and its message. The scenes were stunning. It was not easy, but the movie was so beyond incredible. The cell phone was a nightmare, glowing in my peripheral vision. It’s such a small thing but it’s incredibly inconsiderate. Why take a relaxing time and make it stressful for someone who is there for fun?

I hope next time I am able to speak up for myself or simply move. Either option is good, but I was nervous to confront someone. Were they possibly unaware of their actions?

 However, I think out of respect to everyone else, if you want to play on your phone for three hours, don’t come to the theater and ruin it for someone who has been so excited to see the movie. Put down you phone and enjoy the life happening right in front of you! So excited to have that escape, that rush of the movie. Just don’t go to the theater if you can’t be respectful, as it is truly unfair to someone trying to have an experience and enjoy life. 

Untitled: A poem


The baker has his chocolate
The grass its morning dew
The musician his talent
The dove its gentle coo
The farmer has his tractor
The lawyer has his case
The surfer has his wave
The athlete first base
The dog has its howl
The bird has its nest
The dancer her rhythm
The contestant her best
The swimmer her goggles
The comedian has fun
But without ambition
To accomplish this mission,
Really we have none
Go ahead and dare to
Do what you dare to dream
Don’t give up hope
Don’t lose your steam
For the hopeful have a prayer
The dreamer has a dream
And the artist of potential greatness
Can have anything