Introspectively Together, Resting


I try to flirt and not be too overt
So you say to me
It’s okay baby, I’m just resting
We lay in different beds
In different rooms
In different towns
In different states
But under the same sky
Under the same stars
Under the same God
You tell me little,
You’re reserved that way
But your few words speak volumes
I chatter endlessly
I ask questions
I go on and on
You respond kindly, wisely
I drift off, so sleepy
You drift off, tired from work
We drift to dreamland
Although far apart
Our bodies
Our minds are
Together, Resting




I clean my room
Every single paper and piece I’m going through
As I listen to snow patrol
I realize
I’m unplugged
Unplugged from the ball and chain
That is my cell phone relationship
I should do this more often
It’s not staring at me
Swallowing my time
Sucking the life out of me
I feel so much calm
When I’m