You are the reason


Everyday I wake
A huge breath of fresh air I take
I think about you when I am up
Colliding thoughts of us
I make such a fuss
Of showering, brushing teeth, cleaning the house
But when I think of you
I’m calm
It washes over me like a calming wind
Because I know in my heart
The reason I smile all the time
The reason I jump out of bed
The reason I’m myself
Or a better version of myself
The reason I’m giddy
I’m a million things at once
I’m a wild rush
I’m madly in love
I’m a mess
But I’m happy
I hope you are too
Because I love who I am
And You
You are the reason


The Rush


Sudden messages pop on my screen
We talk about everything and anything
I don’t know where it’s going
I want to enjoy the ride
In the past I rushed relationships
I wanted the love. I wanted what people in love have.
Did I want to work for it?
Did I want to watch it grow?
I worried about uncomfortable conversations.
I worried about that first kiss.
I worried about disappointing someone.
I worried about developing a comfort zone and trusting someone completely.
Relationships are scary.
I’ve been let down a lot.
I’ve been hurt.
What drives me is the concept of love.
I want to be walking down the streets of Chicago with the one I love. We don’t have a destination. And we don’t really do anything. We walk and explore. And that’s the best day. The little moments and quiet cafe. It’s so different experiencing the moment where you are so happy, you relax and know this good time will be. It will just be.