Ode to My Mother (The power of her love)


Ode to someone I love so much
But only say the bad and ugly about
She buys the chive cheese, flaxseed breed,
And spinach wraps that only I eat.
One time at night I was angry at
the world, and her too.
She slipped a Prince Polo bar
Underneath my bedroom door. (My Favorite)
When I was little she taught
Me how to read and to do multiplication.
I learned how to shave
How to cook scrambled eggs.
There was a time I was really
Quiet and she braided my hair.
I did everything she asked
And I never asked for anything back.

Things changed on the flip on a dime
I was suddenly tall as a tree
Loved football, loved power tools,
Loved law and order SVU and spending
A lot of time at the movies
The beautiful, touching language of Polish
Became one of Harsh tones
Ode to my mother for having
The patience to cook, garden, vacuum
And still love me.
She shortens all my jeans
Deals with the very unlady-like screaming at Bears game.
(Every Single Sunday)

Ode to my mother for having four kids
We all went to different colleges
She let us all have the honor of band
The pure love of music
Her and my father
Spent literally a fortune of their
Money. Instruments for all of us.
Lessons. She came to every concert.
She was the field trip mom.
We always brought the best desserts too.
Ode to her beauty and love for Julia Roberts.
Ode to her love of dancing.
Ode to the culture I love.
The culture I am.

Ode to taking my picture on the
First day of high school.
To cooking and teaching me to
Be calm, gentle, and lady-like. (trying)
Trying to instill in my soul
Good morals.
Taking me to church.
For giving me the two biggest
Gifts which are life and Antonina.
You laughed so much when
You watched Elf. I smiled all night.
I am sorry for everything.
There are too many things
I have said I want to take back.
I am so sorry I ripped
That necklace off my neck
Five years ago. You left my room
In so much pain.
Przepraszam. (I’m Sorry.)

Ode to your love mom
To your language
To you curling my hair,
Making me Chicken Tuna
Making me just tea.
Ode to watching Steel Magnolias.
Kocham Cie. (I love you.)

Till the day
I go to
Meet my maker
And much much
Longer than that.

Ode to your hair
Your voice
Your Spongebob laugh
That way you save money so we can survive
That way you have a green thumb
That way you drive me to school
That way you will let go one day
So I can fly
Dziekuje (Thank you)

Part 2: Not distant but close together, despite distance <3


We went to mass, the four kids that are actually adults

But affectionately known as the “four kids”

Then we went to the grocery store to shop for dinner

But as four kids that are so close

The journey through the aisles

Was my realization

We are all grown up

But we haven’t lost our childlike wonder

And our differences are what make us great

As a united team, we flourish

So as we are all frantically, passionately cooking the meal

Eating beer cheese, enjoying each bite and each other’s company

And then there’s the main course

The pastry ring with an amazing filling

Of ground chicken, cheeses, ranch, hot sauce. and love

I am filled with love

My aghast melted with the cheese

My worry about our closeness is dispelled

For all though we have distance, we are not

That distant. We are a family. ❤

I’m overflowing with love

The joy is abundant

The joy is warm.