Introspectively Together, Resting


I try to flirt and not be too overt
So you say to me
It’s okay baby, I’m just resting
We lay in different beds
In different rooms
In different towns
In different states
But under the same sky
Under the same stars
Under the same God
You tell me little,
You’re reserved that way
But your few words speak volumes
I chatter endlessly
I ask questions
I go on and on
You respond kindly, wisely
I drift off, so sleepy
You drift off, tired from work
We drift to dreamland
Although far apart
Our bodies
Our minds are
Together, Resting


Just the wind…


Falling asleep
I feel calm and peace

Suddenly the door bursts open
I leap up in fear
After making sure no one is there
I’m too scared to sleep
So I rise, and carefully exit my room
Do I fear the wind?
It’s just the wind…

Stream of Conscious Sensation


The extreme, powerful, self destructive, limitless, smothering, and abundance of love:

Its grasp for better or worse you cannot escape

Angry, rage, happiness, bliss, lust, love, end.

A perfectly shocking range in changes of sensations

Spectrums, rainbows

Feelings that will beat you black and blue

And all the other colors in between just as vivid

Leaving marks on your heart
The condensation of emotions are
Waters droplets of pure
Jubilation and utter aghast
And penetration of a feeling
Coming through

Many levels and kinds of feelings

Such Powerful Feeling
Its implodes my senses and I’m almost numb

The passion the pain flows freely
From each and every one of my cells
Visually sensation explodes in my brain
The art work created causes arguments in my brain.



Sleep seems inconceivable

But I must sleep

Sensations heartlessly pounding at my brain

All fives sense slammed by this coming hug


His smell

His touch



That’s my preparation for sensation

My own interpretation


Struggles to sleep
Odd sensation of the wanting of what you simply cannot having
Grasping for food, sleep, love, survival
The ability to exist
And be happy in your mere existence
So tiny yet so remarkable you are
Millions of individuals

Feel sensation
An algorithm should be created to
Amass all the sensation.
How can actually I express all the sensations I feel with words?

Language is so unbelievably inadequate.

Touch of hot or cold
Shockwaves sent from my hand to my brain
Touch of love
A simple hug is much more complicated when I feel love
It came, as if from a dream…

Butterflies flutter tumultuously in my stomach
Burning urges cause flames
Flames of passion
Sometimes the embers die
The love, tainted or gone
And the charred remains of
My body remain
But the memory of that sensation
That hug…

Seeing that charming painting
Wearing that warm, comfortable dress

Smelling that delicious coffee

Hearing the birds way off in the distant

Tasting that chocolate cake

The media of shocking information
The exaggeration of images
Confuse and fascinate at the same time.

Then there is love.
The paradox of love and being loved
I have loved with my whole heart
Now my heart is filled with holes
The not being loved back was so painful
The accusations of never caring were the worst
I at least wanted him to know I loved him
That would be enough
It would have to be.
But, it was not meant to be.
For now I have sensations of love towards things like coffee.
Or my family.
Or God.

Friends, Shimer, and Falafel, all sensational things.
They are different times for, different types of sensation
All senses are involved

Trying to awake from a deep sleep

Trying to come back from a dream

Trying to escape slumber and excite my real senses
My brain and body want different things

One waits stillness, the other wants movement

Struggling to wake up

The shock of no longer dream land
A most odd sensation …