This is how I felt, but no more: I love me for me!


Because I’m overweight, I eat next to nothing for breakfast. Or drink ensure. (Not anymore)

Because I’m overweight, trying on dresses for the SGA banquet was a plea with God, that said —“Please help me find something that doesn’t make me look HUGE.”

Since I’m overweight more than half my closet doesn’t fit and I ignore that half, even ignoring the shoes that exist there, just so I can avoid the beautiful clothes that make me look like someone who has quit on life.

Like a fat camp failure. (No offense to anyone)

But I eat okay. I exercise. I obsess about food. Even fruit.

Sure I am human so I make mistakes.

The truth is my medicine makes losing weight nearly impossible.

But, Because I’m fat every mistake is like a crime.The punishment life without parole in my body. That is punishment enough…

Suddenly, I started losing weight. Just stayed busy and it started coming off…I don’t feel fat anymore.

I feel society created something in my mind that I constantly compared myself to.

No more.

I don’t need a man to validate my feelings.

I love me for me. =)