The world smiles, even when I can’t


Slanted Sunshine
Falls into my bedroom
A pleasant sleep
A calm morning befalls me
Slanted Sunshine
Falls into my bedroom
A troubled sleep
Dread overcomes me
No matter how I sleep
No matter how I feel
I am always greeted with
Slanted Sunshine
The world Smiles
Even when I can’t

The sun peeks through


It feels bleak

It feels cold

I push the blanket over my head

I stir

I think about what I don’t have

I think of all that I do

Then the sun peeks through

I smile for a long while

Recognizing my good fortune

Recognition of the forever up ahead

The Forgotten Ode (to eyes)


Ode to Eyes

Oh eyes

Azure, chestnut, hazel, green

Red, irritated, lighting up the scene

Although a mouth can lie deceit

Eyes tell it bluntly, complete


Oh Eyes

The way you long for colors prisms

For beauty or disaster

I praise you for both

The tears running faster


Oh eyes, I decorate you

With a rich pink

Or pale blue or nude eye shadow

Only other throw on eyeliner, mascara, and more

Giving girls many trips to the store


Oh eyes

They’re what I fell in love with first

Although now I believe love to be cursed

Because although I try to let go

Your chestnut eyes won’t let me do so


Oh eyes

You help memory process events

Pretty people in pretty cars

Lost love, lust, movie stars

Or just someone trying to have something to live for.