It’s not the destination, It’s the journey


After sitting quietly and attempting to wrap my head around Pascal’s Equilibrium of Liquids, I felt a general sense of things but was left more confused than before I began reading. I recognize that Pascal was able to come to the number 100 as a measure of equilibrium, “If a vessel of water, closed on all sides, has two openings, one hundred times larger than the other, with a piston carefully fitted to each, a man pressing the small piston will match the strength of a hundred men pressing the piston in the hundredfold great opening, and will overmaster ninety-nine.” (30) That is fine to say, but it is never explained how he arrived at the number. Where there experiments conducted until 100 fit nicely with his theory?
Pascal is explaining many findings and conclusions and arrives at explaining equilibrium in liquids, as one may have guessed by the title. I really would have wanted to see and understand how he arrived at these complicated solutions. He makes a comment “Here is another proof which only geometer will be able to follow…” This seems to imply that his findings are not meant for the general public. Do you think this was an intentional jab at the average person or that Pascal merely believed we don’t have the capacity to understand?
I found the change of the substance to be important because if and only if the water in the bottom freezes, then one ounce of pressure will suffice. However, if the entire tube is frozen then the 100 pound rule comes back into play. Again it would be helpful to not just state facts but explain them. I started to see how by changing forms the entire experiment changed.

Two Face (Throwback to my first review)


How can you enjoy living when everything around you is swirling dangerously in a cyclone? This question plagued me as I witnessed The Social Network. When I saw the preview I was so excited for this film I stood in place, forgetting about the world around me. The song creep by Radiohead, remade by Scala, explains Mark Zukerburg so well! (I don’t belong here.) It is so much about friendship, betrayal, and life, and not centered around facebook completely. The themes of greed and loneliness travel throughout. In fact I do not have a facebook account and I truly enjoyed this film. The main Mark Zukerburg, is introverted and is starving to belong to a sorority, The Phoenix. His friend gets invited and this is where they start to drift apart. Mark is SO angry that he is not in. Although Eduardo has the money so he is important. I can feel the tension cutting the air and see it. The non-verbal eye contact in this film is astounding! This film’s director (who has done Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) brilliantly takes us through a series of flashbacks between the deposition and what led up to it as we see Eduardo and Mark’s friendship dissolve because of the creation of “the facebook” which just becomes “facebook”at the suggestion of Sean Parker. He is in the film long enough to leave me impressed. He created Napster, is broke, and is a villain!
Played masterfully by Justin Timberlake who I expected to butcher his role, did a remarkable job as the puppet master of this movie. Although Eduardo tries to warn Mark, Sean Parker has him strung on by the end of their first meeting at a restaurant as Mark hangs on to every word. Eduardo is our hero in the story but he cannot save Mark because Mark has been taken by computers, technology and greed. The movie shows Harvard’s beauty but human cruelty. When three Harvard elites want Mark to help them launch a website, he agrees. They end up suing although I watched as one of the twins did not want to sue for the longest time because he “was a gentleman of Harvard”. The lawsuits really interested me, and although this movie goes so quickly, everything is a joke to Mark. The cinematography, the lighting, and the quick way that Zuckerburg talks are all absolutely genius. There was an empty theater but I adored so much about what this film means. Mark Zuckerburg is truly two-face, pretending friendship, but hypnotized to making a name for himself. 500 million friends now, by to whom is he really connected to? I feel like he has become a computer a robot, with no emotion. Even if you do not like Facebook like me, you might find this film captivating. So blinded by compulsiveness Mark dies inside. This move truly displays acting and images that left me pondering and awestruck. It is blended with rich fragrant spices of sex, alcohol, violence, and, fury. After all the lawsuits it is about this – “young people who will stop at nothing to get what they want.”

The Final “Final Straw”: Please Wake Up Mr. Trump


An Open Letter

Dear Mr. Trump,

How many times do we have to see you doing this? The mean tweets were a hallmark of your campaign, and began a new dark part of American History. Your wife promised to fight Cyber-bullying as first lady but it seems you are doing just that -bullying. There are so many huge, pressing issues in today’s world. There always have been. But the threat of North Korea is becoming more real. Threats of terrorism as England and other countries experience unimaginable pain loom and we need a leader who is capable of facing that enormous burden with dignity. When you said you didn’t realize how hard being a president is, some hoped you would change your fear mongering and scare tactics, but you haven’t. After attacking a female host of MSNBC, which is just added to a long list of inappropriate behavior you gear towards women, you continue to tweet, damaging not only our view of you but the world’s view of you. We don’t need a bully in the White House. We need a leader and a man of class. A man who wants to make positive changes. There is the healthcare disaster bill that you are pushing so hard that the thought of it overwhelms most Americans. Millions of people would lose healthcare if it passed. That and the North Korean threat are only two of so many issues you should be focused on instead of what the media says about you. Furthermore, besides freedom of speech is there some truth to Mika saying you are damaging Democracy? John Adams once said “If national pride is ever justifiable or excusable it is when it springs, not from power or riches, grandeur or glory, but from conviction of national innocence, information, and benevolence.” When will you put aside glory for the good of the American people? So many times I thought, this is the final straw he has to change. I say this is a cause of action. What will be the final, final straw Mr. Trump? What will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and gives you a realization that everything has to change?


A concerned citizen



I clean my room
Every single paper and piece I’m going through
As I listen to snow patrol
I realize
I’m unplugged
Unplugged from the ball and chain
That is my cell phone relationship
I should do this more often
It’s not staring at me
Swallowing my time
Sucking the life out of me
I feel so much calm
When I’m



When first seeing the trailer for Her, I was so intrigued. I felt such a real life vibe from the beginning of this film. Within minutes, I felt in my soul that this would be something special. Theodore our main character says “It suddenly hit me that I was part of this larger thing, before I thought I knew everything.” Theodore works for He is a sensitive, complicated man who appears deeply troubled. Suddenly his life changes dramatically when he purchases an OS (operating system) that becomes more than he could have every imagined. We soon discover “it’s not just an operating system, it’s a consciousness.” Samantha is the name of Theodore’s OS and after his meaningless phone sex session which points at his loneliness and profound deep to be close to another human being devoid of meaning. In an instance, Theodore is in this trance and Samantha says that she evolves just like he does. This movie is breathtaking and stunning as I contemplating the likelihood of this ever occurring in real life. I do not say these things lightly, for this film’s emotion touched me deeply. It was so refreshing to see a man struggle in his emotions and daily life and when we find out he is in the midst of a divorce, it feels like the breakdown of one relationship and the formation of another one. As he takes his OS on adventures through beaches and snow, we are left with many questions, such as how does their sex life work? Samantha asks a question that brings my mind to another world, “What’s it is like to be alive in that room right now?” I never for a second thought I would feel sympathy for the computer. I felt the pain in the restrictions in the relationship but Joaquin Phoenix was a dream in this film. Theodore’s friend Amy also goes through a divorce and they lean on each other for support. This raw emotion of a man’s pain was unbearable at times but despite the divorce Samantha says something remarkable to Theodore, “We’re only here briefly so while I’m here I want to allow myself joy.” I truly felt this movie was painful, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. If you are going to rent a movie, do yourself a favor and rent, Her. You will not be disappointed or devoid of feeling. It will change the way you see the world, and that is what I can say to see this movie!



my connection to all my friends and family that use to be at my finger tips

It’s slipped away

Stolen I must say

The shock of being, using, clicking, and have that instant connection to everything and everyone


It’s like I don’t exist.

When did I and my phone become one?

You steal my phone, so you steal me?

Is that my reality?

I search for what’s worse: losing that connection

until I get a new phone or the peace of mind that

has been literally stolen from me.

The peace of mind is worse.

My phone will soon arrive.

And thank God I’m alive.

But the fear that lives inside is battling me…

I will give it this battle, but I will not give it the war