My Watch



Swiss army



Tells time



16 years

I hold on to you

Close to my heart

Distance: The Finale


It’s been over 11 years
Despite my greatest fears
That she’s gone so far away
At home she cannot stay
I miss her laughter and her grin
And to my great chagrin
I miss just walks with her through the neighborhood
She’s moved out and happy as can be
And me?
I’m so happy she found true love and joy
She is not a toy
To be passed around
To just toss to the ground
She’s a human being and through thick and thin
She truly loves me
She’s my sister, my twin
And together we will always win
So although distance separates us we are never really apart
Because we are bond together by the love in our heart

Our “Separate” Ways (throwback)


I was younger,

Still a girl

Too damn smart for my own good

(I still am)

Hard headed, thus walking a

Street named desire but

I walked this lonely

Road on my own, my ears

The only ones that heard

Of my breakdown


We were only fourteen then

When he found me in the Gold Gym

So lost in my secrets

I wonder how he managed to find me

And gave me the best advice I ever knew

Made me realize that it’s not just how much you love

But how much others love you

It was just a moment, and we bounced

The basketball a while

I liked his skills, he my style

And I swear he knew me better then I did

Created a smile after he found where I hid


Now he’s good for a hi

And a bye- eyes lingering for more

Unbalanced friendship

And nothing more

We walked in the same Maine East hallway

Our “separate” ways

Just like that, like we never met

The only things left are

Tattered photographs, scribbles in my yearbook,

And a letter of apology


Maybe one day

I will walk on that street again

And someone will catch me before I fall like he did

And set me free to fly (I can tell you one thing)

I’ll remember that day in the gym till I die

A Conversation with Eternity


Time you’re really doing it all wrong!

You must be mistaken or confused

Scratching your infinite rusting gears.

You’re failing me time; you’re breaking my heart

– A stinging cut I bleed profusely from.

Time you have it, the answers to life’s questions.

When I need you to speed past, only smelling your dusty trail

You slow to a crawl.

When I need calm, rhythmic beats

You dash away like a wild stallion.


My time as a person, as a senior in college is

On the brink of change

Leaving many things yet to be completed

Running so fast, time becomes a smudge of colors and circumstances.

How can I expand it like the air in a balloon,

Taste the rubbery elastic

And make time last?


Time so far 27 years I’ve lived

I hear only my pencil jotting down

Learning, failure, discovery, success, and change

I am closing in on 28

I can almost feel the embraces

Of congratulations.


Now, I’ve finally opened the door

Time, I need you to let love in.

Don’t short change me time!

Give me a happiness that fills an ocean,

That’s what I wish for on my cake, time.

Give me an 28th birthday

Like nothing else- unique

Extraordinary, exquisite

Something I will file away in my memory bank,

And keep for eternity.


I know this is a lot to examine and mend in a short time,

But I’ve just spilled my soul to an inanimate object!

So don’t disappoint me time, make my heart soar today.