Follow my lead


Read the best books
Climb the highest trees
Swim the deepest waters
Reach the highest mountains
Eat the biggest ice cream cone
Buy the car you want
Buy whatever you wish
Wear those shoes
Wear that coat
Sing that song and loud
Dance until you pant
Right that wrong
Whatever you are meant to do
Go forth and do it
If you are afraid to
If you are hesitant
If time has stopped you
If fear has
Don’t worry
I will fold up your fears
I will hold you hands
Follow my lead


The Christmas Suitcase


The spellbinding suitcase
Appropriately scarlet in color
That splash of burgundy wine add to the allure
There was magic within
Every kind of wrapping paper was a win
Streamers and ribbon by the yard
Spill out of every corner as soon as you begin to unzip it
Being an aesthetically pleasing gift was not hard
The glitter and the satin nametags
Rolls of green and crimson and gold
Were something to behold
When I opened the zipper and peered inside
I was happy to abide by my mom’s wishes to find
The most beautiful paper
Which was a dilemma; they were all the epitome of beauty
So I closed the suit carrying what I found to be the only solution
One of everything, some silver, some gold, some green
All of it against the wall to lean
Until I venture here once more

Ode to Bird Watching


To the downtown few people see
To a hawk almost catching a chipmunk
Ode to Bird Watching which I thought was literally watching birds migrate
Ode to learning about Oregon and Irish Twins from Kyle
Listening Arianna and Katrina Laugh
This is an Ode to being a witness to Ken ripping plants out root and all and eating everything!
Being sad and wondering what happened to Sam our fearless leader, and Kyle and Lily
Running across stones and sitting on the edge of the lake.
To Lupe’s face between two trees.
To Climbing the tree, adding one person at a time.
Seeing Yellow Finches and the Brown Creeper.
The Huge Deep Fish in the Waves.
To the boats and yachts the Sun hitting right at that time.
Measuring shoe sizes with Kyle,
To meeting professional bird watchers.
The sunflower mystery…
Lying underneath a little tree and
Being quiet.
Disgusting by garbage
Learning, listening
What’s this plant? What is that big tree?
Picking out my walking stick.
To tripping, sliding, snapping a tree branch.
Posing by the Lake and failing.
Katrina tired,
Ken in Solace. (A new wetland bedazzles him)
Trying to be quiet
Lupe posing me by the lake
We meet Zack, he fins us.
“Shit you guys are hard to find!”
What is that tower in Paris?
Ode to not building windmills in the middle of the lake
Thai food, mock duck, and Damian
Delicious smells
Wonderful conversations
Better company
Purple walls in the bathroom,
Someone else goes to see.
Exquisite little nook in the world, this restaurant.
What did you learn?
We go around in a chaotic fashion and share.
What a strange fortune…