I can’t say goodbye


I don’t know if we should be together
As hard as I try
As many times as I’ve done it
I can’t say goodbye
You mean too much to me
To disappear from my life
Truly I hoped I’d one day be your wife
We come to an impasse
Sometimes at night
But despite all the trouble
We get through a difficult fight
If even in the morning
I wake up distressed
Your good morning message
Leaves my mind beyond impressed
Who could have ever guessed
A little thing that you do
Like telling me to make sure I eat
Would make me fall for you?
You told me of road trips, and hiking
All the fun things we could do
Although sometimes I fight it
Although it feels like maybe it’s not right
To my delight
You don’t give up on us
So I won’t even try
Because the way my heart longs for each breath
Each moment
I can’t say goodbye to you


I’d jump in with you


I’m deadly scared of the water
The water so deceptively blue
I’m scared of hitting rock bottom
The water so violent, waves crashing,
I don’t know what to do
I’m scared of drowning in it’s depth
But every time we talk
I can’t help but smile
As I imagine our long walk
We once talked of going swimming
You promised you’d protect me
That you were a swimmer in school
I want to enjoy the feeling of the water on my skin
I want to watch the tide coming in
So while
I may be afraid of the water
That much is true
But as long as you’d be next time to me
I’m jump in with you