A True Fairy Tale, One I witnessed with my own eyes


I’m been writing this poem a very, long time you see
I’ve been thinking and searching and smiling with glee as I’ve
I’m been writing this poem of their love’s history
Antonina and Levi a truly beautiful and wondrous pair
A couple whose love story is simply beyond compare
Once they were together
I saw a change in my twin
I saw her look at his photo
And helplessly grin
So the day he came I wondered what to say
To the man my twin might marry someday
The day I met Levi I’ll never forget
Because I was going to my first Bears game and I was hyper, you bet
Levi was calm and quiet
Sometimes he can be a riot but this time
He listened kindly to my joyous chatter
To him my words, my joy did matter
Bears vs. patriots in the snow
But I knew no matter what I would go
I could tell the moment we met
That he was the one she’d never forget
It was on that day that I knew
That they’d be together
No matter the weather
No matter the situation
They would smile in jubilation
See the day I met him
He accepted me in who I am
Then I felt it bam
In my heart I started to see
How we’d all one day be a family
The more he came the more I knew
That Antonina and Levi’s Love was powerful, beautiful, and true
Levi was immediately like a brother
There was really no other
Better to talk books, football, whatever I wanted
He listened and joked with me
I felt so incredibly happy
We would go out as a group of five and he was up for anything
The kindness in his heart was a truly wonderful thing
He fit in our family like a glove
This lovely gift from God above
I met his parents lovely people too
My love for my new brother grew
Then on the day of the rehearsal the first thing Jordan said to me
Was welcome to the family
I felt so welcomed I felt so blessed
I felt in my heart that I could rest
I noticed something then and there
The way they care about each other
The way they stare in each other’s eyes
The way they prepare
Things for each other
So people might say oh brother
Not me
I say what a blessing before for the world to see
In both their parents they have examples of beautiful love
Bozena and Jan
Jay and Ashly
Two couples with beautiful love stories of their own
Their example of love divine
Showed Antonina and Levi
A love that’s sublime
Now as your first Christmas as man and wife
I know you’ll love each other the rest of your life
And so much longer
And so much stronger
Because together the two of you
Show how powerful love is
When it’s true
Nothing will ever come between you
Because you have a bond
Of each other you are more than fond
On this Christmas night I say
I saw a miracle of love on your wedding day
I say good luck but you don’t need it
Because you two are remarkable as can be
Now that I’ve written your love history
I think I know
That your love for one another will always continue to grow
So Levi since her heart you did win
Please take good care of my twin


Distance Part 2


It’s hard when she away from me
With a great deal of difficulty
I carry on each passing night
Blue with sadness terror fright
Sometimes I hear her laughing down the hall
I chase the sound until I run into a wall
Everything reminds me of our insides jokes
Clothing movies and tedious pokes
To make me smile when it won’t do
Instead my eyes carry a dark hue
I need her here and she can’t be near
I whimper in silence
I wallow in pain
But she’s someone else
Somewhere else
Despite my every prayer
I stare at an empty door
Cold, empty, as much as I can bear
I stare
Superimpose her image on every flitting object
But it does not a lick of good
To see only pictures, and as cherished as memories
They may be
I need her real body soon
Real person in flesh and blood
I’ll meet her with a rhyme
One thing I’ll do differently,
I won’t let her go anywhere THIS TIME.

Distance (Going back to being 18)


I just realized that the problem is
It’s not anything else.
It’s mostly and completely an issue of Distance
She’ll be hundreds of miles away …
You never let it bother you because everything you love
want is right here.
Right in front of you.
So close you can sense it!
So close you could touch it!
So close I could smell her mousse,
See her perfect smile, and hear her infectious laugh.
The best laugh I know!
For now.

When she goes away and she will go, she won’t stay.
It sounds selfish but why can’t she be here?
I mean she’s going far away.
Distance is worse Than DEATH.
Because the mortal torture of being away
hurts more than any death i say!
Instead I’m compelled to … cry.
This I cannot deny.
You all (as seniors) have someone this year
leaving you that you will miss,
but my twin and half my heart
is packing her bubble gum pink bags.
You know, with the Silver studs?
What do I do when she’s really gone?
Texting, calling, visits once a year.
Damn that to Hell.
I need her here

A Christmas Wish: Dustin’s Story


The weather near the cottage was terribly sticky; there were rivers underneath his armpits for Christ’s sake. What a Christmas Eve this had turned out to be. Instead of the soft, gentle snowflakes to greet his tongue, the sun radiated a scorching ball of fire. The bugs were placed, good and thick; he was so saturated by the bugs their sounds were one with his own heart. He encountered some fresh tracks and decided, heck I have an hour left before chaos decimates my life, why not?
These were about the most curious worn tracks he had seen, and as he began his ascent his mind was reminiscent of the last Christmas before Dayle’s life was well, taken from him. His thoughts were about a clear, deadly shot but drifted to his brother. Dayle and Dustin were as different as a fish and a mustang can be and still be twins. Dayle was the football jock except not cocky. There wasn’t a selfish cell in his blond hair blue eyed body. He was known well I just you could say famous, a football legend at the school known as the “Caucasian Charger” to everyone in Manhattan. He was a straight A, president of seven clubs, and speaking fourteen languages type of guy. Dustin felt like he could use a different language right now to describe his feelings. His look drew the girls as well, but he cared only for one. The English language is so inadequate with word choice. Then to distract his thoughts, a squirrel staggered up an old Oak tree and just like his brother’s killer disappeared from public view.
He started to hyperventilate, like at the funeral two years ago today. He still gets a chill when he thinks about seeing his brother like that, vulnerable. He still remembered the speech he professed to the crowd. He explained that trying to replace Dayle would be like trying to replace Emerson or Walter Payton – it can’t be done. From his vantage point he took one final glance at those tracks. He considered it and continued his voyage through the underbrush that engulfed him in fear. The next glance was crucial but of course he didn’t know that yet. A pair of eyes met his, but they weren’t his uncle’s. A gargantuan snake was meeting up with Dustin’s pathetic “don’t kill me” position. The massive creature lunged forward and wriggled away.
All in a day’s work, he thought, spotting an immensely large tree in perfect center with the rest of the underbrush, thinking of his brush with death. He wanted right at that moment to climb the tree, maybe even climb to heaven and consult with Dayle on whether Lela would like the necklace he purchased for their grab bag this Christmas. Instead, a medley of track led him under the tree. An almost magical shape was suddenly created by the sun and trees working together on this theatrical spectacle. It seemed like Dayle smiling saying, don’t worry you’ll be in New York soon. God, how he wished Dayle was here. They could play football or just walk together as hunters and brothers. Instead, the sparrows and cardinals were having a heated argument, while the bugs were out in full swing, working too damn hard just like Dayle was before someone decided they could kill Dayle and plead insanity. The puffs of air were a prize, but thirst was hard to disregard. Luckily, some spare water was found and quickly disappeared.
He ran over a guy that was in his way during a daring escape. So creating a façade for himself being insane is useless and just plain screwed up! Okay. So maybe he was obsessed with his brother’s death. Tired of people asking are you ok? My brother is still cold in his grave, what do you think? He wondered to no one specific as he prolonged his chase on through the woods. Coming across some hollow logs, brushwood, and flying over boulders he decides to sort of race, just bolt like Dayle would. A race against himself, against time itself. Okay, Dustin had hobbies too- Theater Crew, watching movies, and volleyball. Excellently intelligent too but Dayle’s death didn’t change Dustin’s hobbies. It changed him. His cells, his DNA everything was off somehow. It could never be the same. The other half of his heart was gone, the sooner he understood that the better. Like a mother’s loving touch, the stream up ahead was not only appreciated but needed for Dustin. Out of nowhere, a shadow emulsified him. Before he processed it two things were happening: he was snapping pictures and a bear was so close its breath sent the chills that rippled throughout his body. Finally, like something out of a fairy tale the grizzly tapped Dustin’s hair and strolled away. Two near death experiences, what would Dayle have done? Dayle would have been fine, but that’s what Dustin thought before and nothing came of that. Now, he definitely couldn’t wait to get on that plane. He sprinted the three miles left to the cottage, not caring about how much this would hurt later.
After breaking the speed barrier, he screamed, that was for you Dayle, before collapsing into a sob on the threshold to the ranch. He took out a picture. Sophomore year, Dayle in all his glory. He loved that picture, when looking at Dayle and the gift Dustin had got him for their sixteen birthdays. The airport could wait. The world could wait right now. Right now Dustin had a moment that was all his own. And for a fleeting instant, Dayle was next to him. They cried and hugged, saying Hey long time no see at exactly the same time and insisting that Lela would love that necklace.

Birthday Surprise <3


I am sitting next to my twin
We are eating breakfast
And it starts to begin
Happy birthday is being played on the radio
And I know something is up
It’s my brother’s band on the CD
And my entire family is surrounding me
Out of the blue my mom steps out with a cake
And suddenly it’s more than I can take
I’m moved to tears
For all these years of us
My twin and I
After we cut the special lemon cake and all eat
I lift my twin up by her feet
I lift her, hug her, high yes I do
And I cry, I got what I wanted for my birthday – and that is you



My greatest, strongest love
My deepest, darkest pain
So far apart
It hurts and burns my brain
To think how close we always were
In body and in spirit
To think how intensely I’m missing her
I go to sleep thinking of the day
We’ll sit together again some way
I’ll hold her in my arms
I’ll use my magic charms
To keep us together
It’s all I want all the time
No reason no rhyme
I love her
She is my twin and my whole heart
Without seeing her, it’s tearing at my soul
For only next to her do I feel whole.
It’s Distance.
But there is always my resistance.
I realize we grow up and we move as planned.
But across this land or across the sea.
I will find a way too see her and for her to see me.
I freely give up all gifts and toys and any other prize
Just to look her in the eyes and say how much I’ve missed her.