Gone Girl, Lost soul


The moment the first sentences were uttered by Nick about crackling his wife’s skull to read her thoughts, I realized this was going to be different than I had that and that thrilled me. This statement would seem to automatically imply his guilt in her disappearance. The brilliance of this movie is the pace and the suspense is carefully calculated and sprinkled carefully throughout the film. The scenes of their love that twist into a hatred so strong she actually attempts to frame her own husband of her murder, shows the real crazy inside the very fiber of her being.

This movie will draw out emotions in you that you didn’t know you had for Nick’s apathy towards the situation that turns to anger when he is found as having a mistress and being framed. The forgotten victim in this movie is Margo, Nick’s twin sister who at one point gets arrested as an accessory to murder. I truly cannot explain but would strong encourage the watching of the movie and the read of the book. The differences are small, but the movie pulses blood through your brain in a way I have never experienced. At one point when Neil Patrick Harris who plays Desi appears to help Amy with her plot (he is unaware) the film gets even more dark than I thought it could ever be. Read the book maybe, but definitely go out to see Gone Girl. Just don’t go alone if dark movies aren’t your usual cup of tea. They aren’t mine so I went with a friend and that was helpful because there was a scene that caused me to literally jump out of my seat.

If you want to know how it all ends, and trust me you do, go see Gone Girl. It’s an examination of the human mind that may make you question your faith in humanity. It’s up to you to restore it.