Smoke coasts endlessly
We kiss breathlessly
Disaster in the air
Love in the distance
It’s black and white
and gray
All at the same time
Smoke coasts endlessly
We kiss breathlessly




Sucked all the life from me
As I die of thirst, quietly
There’s no water to be found
The ground I pound
I let you in
And then the games begin
The mind games
The trickery
Making a mockery of me
I take your wand
I cast my spell
I fiercely rebel and I win against
The Drought

What is the purpose of evil? My ponderings.


The problem Leibniz discusses in the Theodicy is God being connected directly to the evil that exists on earth. He figures ways to argue against the belief – if god made humans which make evil, then god is the “source for that evil”. My belief is the prospect of evil on earth cannot be rationally connected to the existence of God. Free will is what humans have and are behind evil on earth based upon these choices. Even if God is all-knowing that simply means he knows you will choose wrong; he does not choose wrong for you. This “prospect” is an ongoing battle which is highly in the enormous problem evil presents. Since time began, man has been questioning the Lord and his role in the existence of evil. Such questions as the one Leibniz asks, like why if God is “all good” does evil exist? Why would God create evil? Because in the real world, evil is accompanied by a greater good, he answers.
An explanation one can better swallow is that which in the human mind it is a psychological reaction to assign the blame when inconceivable situations of veil arise. “God can prevent the sin of intelligent creatures; but he does not do so, and rather contributes to it by his concurrence and by the opportunities which he brings about, although he has a perfect knowledge of it.” (Leibniz pg4) God created man and bestowed upon him his own intellect and free will completely independent of the god makes people evil theory. Something Leibniz understands.
According to the argument “perfect world” in the best of all world’s, evil would not present. “Whoever makes things in which there is evil… does not choose the best.” (Leibniz pg 1) Because God interfered and permitted evil, that the “best world” cannot exist for God has done wrong. However, Leibniz points out that people eventually have a greater good from a God who made them with these imperfections. People have the ability to do good. They ignore that good, and furthermore believe to blame God for their oversight in judgment. I believe that just because evil exists, does not mean God put it there directly. God does not want people to suffer or for wars to plague our world. It is in this light that he created the world, and we as its inhabitants select for ourselves what kind of world we want. In is in our hands not God’s, whether we help or hinder the act of evil.
Another theory to disprove that God is behind evil. “Whoever produces all that is real in a thing is its cause. God produces all that is real in a thing. Hence, God is the cause of sin.” (Leibniz pg5) However logical this may sound, simple deducing skills and taking apart the argument and my backing Leibniz words, showing the prosyollogism is incorrect. “A creature in causing sin is a defective being, how errors and evil inclinations are born.” Leibniz gave a response showing evil stems not from God. That basically said humans do receive enough good to overcome evil, and saying God thus is the reason for sin. (Leibniz pg5) To reiterate, humans receive not only evil but good as well. Therefore the blame for evil rests solely in each individual, who knows right from wrong. God is not a programmed being looking to instill evil in all things. We have options and it’s when we ignore logical explanation and pin the blame, that we lose sight of who God is. God made man. God made original sin. God didn’t make people’s main function sin. The option is there. The human initiative is that other piece that Leibniz shows. A piece, I find essential.
We have seen strong evidence on the point of statements, proving to us that God inflicts the world with unspeakable evils. We also learn many plausible reasons why. If God is in charge of every wire in every human being, he must be behind the wires that pulse evil throughout the earth. Leibniz clearly has shown that people have the choice and can see issues as black or white. We are given choices, not sin. We can think critically about the consequences of our actions. God does not poke us with the cattle prod of evil. It is simple: God created man and in doing so gave man all minds with cognitive thinking. It is from the human brain, not the brain of God that evil plots in the world are developed. It is unnerving to think that God would use us like pawns and play games. Rather we are given the good to overcome evil. It is and remains a question of do I or don’t I?