Human Nature (throwback)



Everybody hates liars

But everybody lies

Does that make us hypocrites?

Everybody loathes death

But everybody dies (eventually)

We simply fear the inevitable.

Everybody hates cruelty

But everyone is cruel

Denial is our worn out tool.

Everyone hates learning

But everyone goes to school

We go because we have dreams and we want to convert into those dreams.

The only thing that would change that

Is if your action your lie, or cruelty shatters, ruins, or crumbles

Someone else or you

And if they forgive you

Well anybody can forgive if they try but not every

Can forget

More importantly

Can you forgive yourself?


Worth the Wait: Wonder Woman, an inspiration! 


When I entered the theater to see Wonder Woman I didn’t know my expectations would be exceeded so much. This movie I declare as a remarkable hit and has great life lessons beyond the magic of the theater. The movie Wonder Woman was so inspirational and absolutely brilliant. I was completely blown away, from the beginning where young Diana begins her training to going to the front to save people from suffering in the world to end all wars once she grows up and is faced with real danger. Not just because it shows woman kick butt. But because of how the iconic character of Wonder Woman brought to life by Gal Gadot. The dialogue was really well done, and Chris Pine was able to create a great character in Steven. His pack of misfits that he brings on the journey are also well developed. The movie is packed with action and brilliant cinematography. The scenes with the bath from Diana’s native land, juxtaposed with the battle scenes later in the film show the remarkable range this movie has. It’s extremely witting, intelligent, and entertaining. She says, “I’m willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves”. In this way and many others, Diana shows cunning, caring, and strength. When she is questioned, she says “I am man.” This sends a powerful message to all women about the strength that we do have as women that we need to embrace and harass to make the world a better place. Just because we cannot save the world like Wonder Woman because we don’t have her powers, doesn’t mean we can’t still to great things as regular people making a difference as strong, courageous women. The work that is so often done by men is done by one woman in this movie, and it demonstrates how that can translate to real life. We need to ignore those who believe we can’t and prove them wrong with actions, like Wonder Woman does over and over. It goes without saying that I say, Wonder Woman is a 100% worth seeing! I give it two thumbs up!


“Love is a decision,it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basic for the promise to love each other forever. A feeling comes and it may go. How can I judge that it will stay there forever, when my act does not involve judgment or decision.” – Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving

Lights, Camera, Critic! (My dream job, still)


I remember it being a childhood ambition of mine. I would go to the theater and say yes, three stars and my friends would just giggle. Of course at that time I was highly influenced by male roles, and even now I become smitten a little with the character. Since I saw movies go from a single story to becoming an epic, I wished I could be like Ebert, a man with a career spanning 40 years! I love seeing movies in the theater, and unlike music where I love nearly everything, the field of criticizing films needs someone to distinguish between the bad, the average, and the exceptional. This is something I would be phenomenal at. The theater has an allure to me. I love comparing and contrasting films with my friends, and turning a love into a career would make it a lasting one.

Every weekend I try to watch a movie or two that I had never seen before and let my knowledge of movies develop and expand. No movie is off limits, they all take me to a different place. A different place, like a blissful place; I’m in the actors’ shoes and I love to “act” as if that’s me! Like books, movies teach life lessons and show you the world as you have never seen it before. Lessons of countries and brother torn by war, of heroes and the villains that make or break their character are invigorating for me. Of men banding together for a cause. A love story, complicated, flooded with the elements of our times. Not every movie is good, but each brilliant story has a reason for its brilliance. I believe my open-mindedness towards movies and the world in general, that my various friends have helped to establish would keep me unbiased.

A beauty, a pure gem would be my life if I was given this chance to become a film critic. It would be amazing to see where my job would take me and what people I would meet. I have never taken journalism but can belt out an excellent essay if I believe and have a strong passion for it. The words they come and flow from my mind. These streams of creativity, that I could produce this picture in someone’s mind. I could produce this painting, this view point. It would be something that others watch and comment on my review. I have never enjoyed the limelight, but it would be fun to me famous, except that I’m a private person. Finally, if I could be this legendary film critic I would use the money for charities and to better our school, our environment, and our universe. I want to help the world because it is so ridden with disease, violence, and political uprising; I want that world to change. I need the piece of mind that my children to have a better world, and I’d work diligently to give them a chance to grow up like me. Amazing how a career like being a film critic could encompass your life and surround it in joy.

How is a critic different from anyone else viewing the film, they are both the same thing, human. So why does this critic get the say. How does he judge the movie in a way that will appeal to the general public? That is exactly why film critics were brought on this world. It is impossible to find a critic a who both critics a movie for no entertainment value and come back with the other side, something that is rare if not impossible. My huge responsibility is to watch many movies and on the spot write lots of reviews every week, understanding that I must be honest, but constructive.

To become a critic a background in journalism would be preferred. There is not set of school and other programs, but I would definitely say that college would not hurt. A liberal arts degree would be looked fondly upon. Also, computer science editing, language, musical composition, and writing are all suggested classes.  For example if you are watching a historically related movie, it would help to have knowledge in the subject so you can see how well the film depicts history. Maybe you will have to be most patient with the career ladder. Take small steps to lead your way to the top. Who knows? Maybe I will sit opposite Roeper the great critic and give my commentary of a certain movie that peaked my attention.

The main personal quality one needs in this field more then people skills, more than courtesy, more so even then being good under pressure, is be honest and really being able to analyze the movie in such a way that gives as accurate depiction of what the movie experience might be for a person who sees that particular movie. You must be able to distinguish the excellent from the mediocre and not just like every film. That would pretty much make your job pointless. Personality wise, construction crisisim and the ability to work with all kind of people would be essential. You cannot be racism or sexism. You must when you undertake this job, be fine and open-minded. To understand people is a complex thing, but you need to give it a chance to blossom. You must be able to understand people and mingle with them. Respect, hope, optimistic, and a bit of luck send you on your way to being a film critic.

Movie stars, the directors, and the producers all mock film critics, even they are just trying to do their job. The bad review is like a bomb that goes off within the Hollywood scene. People’s eyes need to be opened to the fact that not every movie is good. Wouldn’t you get tired of seeing the same bad movies? Well, without a film critic in would be hard. So these critics must be strong-willed and disregard Hollywood and say the truth.

There is much in terms of tasks that are uncommon in any other field. A brief list looks at major things you need to be able to do. You have seen a mountain of movies and are able to divide them into high-quality and dreadful. Like I previously mentioned, if you love every movie you see this job is just not for you. You need to have the ability to write extremely well, choosing words cautiously and carefully. You have the time and fondness to watch and review lots of movies: five or more films a week. Finally, you need an outlet for publishing your work, so that means a job whether on TV or in a newspaper. A salary can get you up to 100,000 grand and beyond! In the United States, there are about 200 major daily newspapers. 1,200; that is the amount of critics in the United States!  The Census Bureau reports there are 280 million people in the U.S. Roughly half of them wish they could be a critic. Competition is intense. Nowadays a critic would start online publishing and work his way in the newspapers televisions, and into people’s hearts!








That pain in your eyes has been there for days.
I don’t want to ask, I’ll just get in the way.
The pain in your eyes it reflects on the lake
That anguish I wish so badly I could extract and take
Turn it to ice and let it shatter
Because after it melts it simply won’t matter
It will seep deep into the earths cracks and flow far away
While my hand in your hand will stay
I will listen if you need me.
I’ll stay silent if you don’t,
But if the pain becomes too much
Please express it how you want to,
And judge you, I won’t.
I will do anything to comfort that which takes such a heavy toll
And with all the love contained in my being ill fill the cracks in to make you whole

My fear


The honest truth is, I fear death as much if not more than Gilgamesh. As recently as this summer I was given a medicine whose side effects were so god awful, it felt like the end. If I knew of a place to go ask for immorality, I’d start walking this second and abandon this laptop. But, imagine living on after all the mortal beings you love have long died. It is there I do not wish immorality any longer. It is there I wish to be around for this lifetime with those I love. I still fear death, but a lifetime alone could be worse…the thought of death makes you appreciate life more. Or it should.