At first light


I saw your eyes
When you awoke from our night
Usually you are up first
I found you asleep
I stay still
Until you eyelashes flutter
And your eyes open
They smile
And we collapse
Our joy visible
At first light

Frenzy of Emotions


Love. It is a grand concept only, until we fall. You think about all these spectacular scenarios and kisses in the moonlight, because the imagination wants a grandiose, over the top euphoria. You think about sharing an intimate dinner and sharing a warm blanket during a movie. Perhaps it would be appropriate to define love at this point. But how does one explain that feeling where a switch is flipped for some, for some it is gradual, and others instant and still others some other version. That’s getting there, that’s not love. I think love is feeling like you’ve found someone you can no longer endure life without. You need their voice, their touch, and hopefully to be loved by them. Love is having an atrocious day, but it is easier knowing you have someone who will listen. Love is being a bit mad but recognizing that now colors are more vivid, food taste better, and fabric is softer because love has heightened your senses. Once we fall, we realize our assumptions that were just created were wrong. We think we know what it will be like. That we’ll be happier than we’ve ever been. That we’ll smile when we hear their name. That just being near them will send us into a mind frenzy of emotions.

A True Fairy Tale, One I witnessed with my own eyes


I’m been writing this poem a very, long time you see
I’ve been thinking and searching and smiling with glee as I’ve
I’m been writing this poem of their love’s history
Antonina and Levi a truly beautiful and wondrous pair
A couple whose love story is simply beyond compare
Once they were together
I saw a change in my twin
I saw her look at his photo
And helplessly grin
So the day he came I wondered what to say
To the man my twin might marry someday
The day I met Levi I’ll never forget
Because I was going to my first Bears game and I was hyper, you bet
Levi was calm and quiet
Sometimes he can be a riot but this time
He listened kindly to my joyous chatter
To him my words, my joy did matter
Bears vs. patriots in the snow
But I knew no matter what I would go
I could tell the moment we met
That he was the one she’d never forget
It was on that day that I knew
That they’d be together
No matter the weather
No matter the situation
They would smile in jubilation
See the day I met him
He accepted me in who I am
Then I felt it bam
In my heart I started to see
How we’d all one day be a family
The more he came the more I knew
That Antonina and Levi’s Love was powerful, beautiful, and true
Levi was immediately like a brother
There was really no other
Better to talk books, football, whatever I wanted
He listened and joked with me
I felt so incredibly happy
We would go out as a group of five and he was up for anything
The kindness in his heart was a truly wonderful thing
He fit in our family like a glove
This lovely gift from God above
I met his parents lovely people too
My love for my new brother grew
Then on the day of the rehearsal the first thing Jordan said to me
Was welcome to the family
I felt so welcomed I felt so blessed
I felt in my heart that I could rest
I noticed something then and there
The way they care about each other
The way they stare in each other’s eyes
The way they prepare
Things for each other
So people might say oh brother
Not me
I say what a blessing before for the world to see
In both their parents they have examples of beautiful love
Bozena and Jan
Jay and Ashly
Two couples with beautiful love stories of their own
Their example of love divine
Showed Antonina and Levi
A love that’s sublime
Now as your first Christmas as man and wife
I know you’ll love each other the rest of your life
And so much longer
And so much stronger
Because together the two of you
Show how powerful love is
When it’s true
Nothing will ever come between you
Because you have a bond
Of each other you are more than fond
On this Christmas night I say
I saw a miracle of love on your wedding day
I say good luck but you don’t need it
Because you two are remarkable as can be
Now that I’ve written your love history
I think I know
That your love for one another will always continue to grow
So Levi since her heart you did win
Please take good care of my twin

Billowing Smoke, Christmas Clues


Billowing smoke protrudes

Casting thick clouds

Light glows through the incense

During Christmas mass

Overtaking my lungs

I rush out into frigid air

Rush back inside to hear the homily

Cloud of gray

Spreading down through the pews

Splitting the light

Enchanting Christmas clues

Clues me in to triumphant beauty

A precious thing I choose not to lose

The House on Wagner Road


There’s this house
Up on Wagner Road
It’s in an excellent neighborhood
Good schools,really nice people
I sense I could create truly striking things
My children will become successful and wise
Maybe even quarterbacks or court justices
Maybe anything they can dream of and more
If I buy this house on Wagner Road
I need to have an extremely high paying profession
And a husband to help support us
If I buy this house on Wagner road

I will have the greenest lawn in the entire city
After all the grass is greener when you paint it (when you do it yourself)
I will have a precious, blooming rose garden
A giant multi-colored brick walk way
A huge garage where my Land Rover craves the road
And a feeling of being a somebody
If I buy that house on Wagner road

If I live alone
On this house on Wagner Road
I will become like The Beast from Disney
A stunning house and life but no one to share it with
Because one is the loneliest number in this case

All of these are possible
If only I love and live
At that house on Wagner Road
Because the only thing worse than dying in a
An exquisite house
Is dying alone

I will find my Mr. Right
The man who makes me weak with his smile and eyes
The man who takes me just as I am
Together we will forge a life together
Full of laughter, joy, and love
Get through all the hard times together
In the splendid house on Wagner Road

Because with you in my life, I feel complete I feel whole


Many, many nights after

Our one big fight

I was in great fright

My body was giving into flight

I had a nightmare that I couldn’t shake

I thought this is more than I can take

I loved you so much it that hurt

You walked over towards me

And very quietly

You wiped my tears

On the sleeves of your shirt

But I just continued to cry

You were so, so worried

You didn’t know why

I was scared I’d lose you for good

That my heart would

Snap in half and break

And never be repaired

I couldn’t think

You handed my a cold drink

Of water and then you wiped my eyes

With your fingers and to my surprise

You said it was your fault

I said no it was mine

Then you did something truly divine

You just held my body in a loving embrace

For a moment there was no one at all in this entire place

My body stopped shaking the longer you held me

Then after our embrace I finally felt free

Suddenly a sweet kiss upon my lips

I could barely could get my grip

You felt it and you helped me not to fall

You then told me to never feel small

You told me “no matter what I do that I’ll always and forever love you”

And although it was tough

I knew love was enough

Enough to get us through

So with a peck

Upon your neck

You held my gaze

It didn’t faze


No more tears

From all my fears

Together longer

Now we are stronger too


You get down on one knee

Shock overwhelms my entire body

And before you can say anything

I say I do

You laugh and tell me you have so much more to say

You say this remarkable, beautiful speech about us

My troubles melt away

After I was a sobbing mess

You proposed and I said yes

You put the ring upon my finger

On my hand your hand seems to linger

The tears come again flowing fast

Because I know this Love was meant to last

You kiss my tears away

And that’s just where they will stay

There is so much joy in my soul

Because with you in my life

I feel complete, I feel whole

Ode to Friendship


You stand there in place
Like you just received a crushing slap to the face
When you entire day, life seems like it’s come to a bitter end
You go on forward and meet and unexpected friend
In this friend that you sudden see
In all of their wonder, how could this be?
The gears in the world begin to spin
And suddenly it’s not about if you win
Or if you lose
It is how you play and how you choose
Choose your friends and choose to lose
So this friend you haven’t spoken to
Suddenly decides to talk to you
You grew apart or so you thought
Now you realize what you bought into was untrue
And that that someone always cared for you
It’s remarkable that in your darkest day,
Is when you meet their excited hey
Your smile is immeasurable
Your heart pleasurable
Now you believe in happy endings too
And in everything you do
The conversation you had with your friend
Will be one that just had to end
Inside your memory bank it files
Unique against the discolored piles
It smiles back at you
When you remember
Last December and all the things as well
Every movie, dinner, and event
You spent to-gether
Not as anything other than friends
In this friend that you sudden see
In all of their wonder, how could this be?
God gave me a blessing big as the ocean, as vast as two
Like the two oceans I’d swim to relive those moments
The ones spent with you