My House Moves to its own Beat Completely


My house moves to its own beat completely
Quietly, quickly, orderly, neatly
Its turns and it drums
As the curtains do waves
The air conditioner
Giving a wild display, a path it paves
The way for the icemaker
The sleeptaker
The sound maker
The insinuator of
Click Click Clack

My house moves to its own beat completely
It grooves and moves a mystery
It dances it prances
Draws lances with nearby houses
It lurks and jerks
And ticks and tocks
It bores and roars
It laughs and it snores
It squeaks just like a mouse
And filled with life my full house
Swells and propels joy
With each little trinket and toy

My house moves to a beat
Its own completely
Shrieking, come see
What makes me tick
Come meet me It invites it delights
Excites you to the bone It gives you peace of mind
It listens to you for long hours when you are on the phone
Alone and it moans
Its bark is worse than its bite,
When a mess it’s not a pretty sight
It has the ability to enchant you with books,
Good looks, in every cranny and nook

My house moves to a beat
Completely its own
It bubbles, has plenty of troubles
But mostly it’s home

At first light


I saw your eyes
When you awoke from our night
Usually you are up first
I found you asleep
I stay still
Until you eyelashes flutter
And your eyes open
They smile
And we collapse
Our joy visible
At first light



Walking these streets
I know these streets
I know where the roads converge
I know where they meet
I walk aimlessly
I walk to the tea shop
I drink slowly
I explore
I adore
It’s after work
The city is aglow
So I take my time
Fancy clothes
Fancy cars
Everyone feels like a star
I admire dresses, scarves, and hats
I stare at pressed suits and colorful tasteful ties
I stop for an art exhibit
I glance at paintings and statues and more
My mind stirs for hours
Whether on the street
Or in the tea shop
Or the art institute
I love to take my time
Make the day sublime
Grab a dinner by the lake
A solo escape
As I do this
I make sure
To soak it all it
So carefully, cautiously

The opposite of another you


Another you to hug
Another you to hold
Another you to laugh with
Another you to listen to me
Another you to care
Another you to understand
Another you to watch movies
Another you to eat dinner
Another you to peruse bookstores with
Another you to miss
I don’t want another you
You left me
You abandoned us
You didn’t care one bit
You went your own way without a second thought
You left me to stare
You left me cold
You left so bold
You hurt me so much
I shivered at the idea of seeing you
I want someone to truly care
I want someone who won’t just leave
I want someone to love
I want someone to kiss
I want someone I will miss
I want someone to be there
I want someone to stay when things are hard
I want someone through think and thin
So really,
I want literally the opposite
Of another you

Picture Perfect Days


for me the picture perfect days
are in a cabin in the snowy woods
the only house for acres
a glance at the lake, hot chocolate
a stroll through the brush
a warm cabin
with all the comforts of home
gentle music and board games
making snowangels
staring into the night sky
realizing you’ve escaped the rountine!

Snuggling calmly thinking of coffee


I sit still, quietly and I say

The coffee I made is so far away

Today I will relax and be calm

Today I will not have a qualm

Today I currently snuggle under the softest, most luxurious blanket

Today will be great because I will truly make it

My coffee is still so far away

I will get up and get it anyway

The blanket so warm and comfy against my harsh cold skin

It’s letting all the soothing warmth and comfort sink in

I feel content to sit and think

Am I willing to lose my comfort

To retrieve my drink?