I’m actually okay


The harsh wind

Blows in

Reminds of when

There were happier days

But I can’t live in the past

That’s not much of a blast

I plan to move

Because although my feelings aren’t gone

The wind is blowing in

And with it, it brings change

Time for my to rearrange

To be happy for the now

To feel the frigid wind against my skin and think

I should take a sip of my coffee and drink

To feel the wind blow through my hair

To be standing there and say

You know what?

I’m actually okay.


Just the wind…


Falling asleep
I feel calm and peace

Suddenly the door bursts open
I leap up in fear
After making sure no one is there
I’m too scared to sleep
So I rise, and carefully exit my room
Do I fear the wind?
It’s just the wind…

Can I bottle up this evening and have it for eternity?


We sway slowly on the bench

In my backyard

The cool wind calms, cleanses our souls

No words, just together we sit in peace

You stroke my long hair and it stirs my senses

And so I turn my head, to face you

To stare into your most beautiful eyes

Once our eyes link

The rest is beyond (my) belief and my control

Suddenly you kiss me, and it intensifies I hold you closer than I ever have

And as I feel your kiss, tender and passionate

Reality and magical realms align

Twilight comes

You ask me if I’m cold, if we should go in

I have a question too

Can I bottle up this evening and have it for eternity?